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  • Welcome to the Bluewater Trading Community
  • BTC is your local exchange and trading system
  • Promoting self-reliance and responsibility
  • Promoting local autonomy and sustainability
  • Building upon right livelihood and a spirit of cooperation
  • Celebrating our diverse and abundant skills and resources

Welcome to the Bluewater Trading Community

The Bluewater Trading Community (BTC) is a community-based exchange and trading system designed to build fair local economic activity without the need for cash. Members offer and accept goods and services at a mutually agreed value in Bluebucks - each equivalent to one Canadian dollar.  All trades are in Bluebucks and are recorded on the website so members are always up-to-date on the status of their trading account.

Feel free to browse our members' current offers and wants, and if you would like to become a member, create a new account after reading  and agreeing  to the Member's Agreement and you can begin trading as soon your registration is approved by the BTC committee, almost always within 24 hours.

A member of the BTC agrees to the spirit of economic transaction and right livelihood for all concerned, and to fair exchange at a mutually agreeable value. A BTC “Bluebuck” represents the same value as a Canadian dollar. Members agree to trade wholly Bluebucks.

A member shall endeavour to be active - buying and selling- as much as circumstances dictate, for the good and long-term sustainability of the BTC.

The BTC  levies a minimal charge (currently 1%, in Bluebucks) on member transactions to offset operational and administrative costs.

The member debt limit is set at 250 Bluebucks in the first year and/or until a trading record has been established.

For more information please contact the BTC committee.