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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the 1% deduction online or is there a federal dollar fee collected?

The 1% transaction fee is online and in BlueBucks. It is debited from the account of the seller for every transaction and goes into the Bluewater Trading Community account to be dispensed for expenses related to running the LETS service, for example, website work and meeting expenses.

How long should I keep a service or product listed online if no-one has expressed an interest?

Not to worry, it can be listed for as long as you want. Our membership will continue to grow and someone just joining may be interested in what you have. It doesn’t hurt to modify the product/service description from time to time either. Consider including a picture of the item, a sample of the work (editing or web design for example ) or in the case of a service, a testimonial.

How do I determine a fair price for my offerings?

Good question. Initially it should be negotiated with the person with whom you are proposing a trade. ‘What are they willing to pay as a fair price?” Secondly, determine what the regular market value for your product or service is and use that. If it is a service you are providing, the United Way of Bruce Grey recently completed research that determined a fair living wage to be around $16.50/hr for rural residents, and $14/hr for urban residents. This could be used as a point of reference.

Is there someone that can help me post/check listings if I have difficulty with the website?

Our website is remarkably simple to use…very user-friendly and intuitive. However if even this is daunting, please call or email any member, or core group member that has completed a trade, and they will happily assist you.

Is there a contact person to whom questions can be directed?

You can email the BTC core group on the website under the “Contact” tab. This is automatically forwarded to all members of the core group, and an answer should be available quickly.

What if I have a credit but there is nothing I want to buy?

Hang on to this, it does not disappear. The BTC marketplace is constantly changing, and new items or services appear regularly. We are also planning “Market Days” for the future that will allow you to directly connect with other members of the BTC offering goods/services.

Do credits expire?


Is there a limit to the amount of time a members' account can be inactive?

Ideally the BTC does not want to discourage membership. The whole idea behind a trading community is that it is about the “exchange” of goods and services. Active members increase the viability of our community. When you become a member, it is with the understanding that you intend to buy and sell in the spirit of the BTC. If you need help with ideas or how to market yourself, contact the core committee via the website. The BTC will also put “Trading Tips & Techniques” on the website. We are working on this. The member’s agreement describes the process for settling accounts if a member wishes to resign from the BTC.