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This Member’s Agreement forms the basis for trading between the member and other members of the Bluewater Trading Community (BTC).

1. The BTC is a local exchange and trading system. It enables active exchange of goods and services via an internet website.

2. The main function of the BTC is to exchange information to enable and facilitate the trading of goods and services amongst its members. Members record and maintain profiles and accounts for the benefit of other members.

3. In becoming a member of the BTC a person or business agrees to the spirit of economic transactions and right livelihood for all concerned, and to the exchange of goods and services for a fair, mutually agreeable value. A member shall endeavour to be active, as much as circumstances dictate, for the good and long-term sustainability of the BTC.

4. For trading purposes, a BTC “Bluebuck” represents the same value as a Canadian dollar. Offers of goods and services listed on the BTC website shall be exclusively in Bluebucks.

5. Members are not obliged to make a trade if an agreement to trade between the buyer and seller has not been reached.

6. The BTC members (both seller and buyer) shall register or confirm a trade or transaction in Bluebucks on the BTC website.

7. The BTC Board shall reserve the right, and may decline to have a transaction registered that they regard as inappropriate for legal or other reasons. The trading members will be notified accordingly.

8. BTC member profiles are not shared with the general public and are visible only to other logged-in members. These include the member's full name and area, and any optional contact details (phone numbers and street address) and profile information the member wishes to share. Their email address is not shared, but a contact form is provided on each account to facilitate interaction and trading. The member's current Bluebuck balance, trading income and volume, as well as the number of transactions made, are also available to other members.

9. BTC members are accountable for any taxes owing to Revenue Canada, as a result of the trading they do. The BTC has no obligation or liability to, and does not collect taxes or report to Revenue Canada for any reason.

10. The BTC is not responsible for the value, condition, or quality of goods or services traded by members. If necessary, the BTC Board reserves the right to take action to safeguard BTC members in the future based on past trading activity.

11. The BTC Board is authorized to levy charges (in Bluebucks) on member transactions to offset BTC operational and administrative costs. The BTC Board, in consultation with members at an Annual General Meeting or Special Meeting, or as needed, evaluates, assesses and confirms these rates. The current rate is 1% of the value of the transaction, to be levied against the seller in the trade.

12. The BTC Board may act on behalf of the membership to seek explanation, payment or satisfaction from any member whose account or actions are considered contrary to the interests of the other members. As a last resort, a member may be removed from the BTC system. If a members’ membership is revoked, that person becomes immediately responsible for settling any debt in Canadian dollars. If that person has a credit balance, it must be spent, given away to another member or forfeited. The BTC does not exchange Bluebucks for Canadian Dollars. The Board is empowered to pursue legal action if necessary, to obtain satisfactory resolution to any conflict from a member or former member.

13. In the event of a dispute among members regarding goods purchased or services rendered, if their differences cannot be resolved within three (3) months, one or both of the disputing parties may contact the Board and ask for mediation. The Board will establish a mediation panel comprised of one member nominated by each disputing party from the general membership and one panel chair, appointed by the Board. Each member of the panel will have one vote. A meeting will be arranged in consultation with the disputing parties. The panels’ decision shall be binding and final. Any costs relating to the dispute shall be divided equally among the disputing parties.

14. In the case of a business wishing to become a member of the BTC, a person representing that business must sign the member agreement as its legal representative.

15. The debt limit is set at 250 Bluebucks in the first year and/or until a trading record has been established. After that, the debt limit is set at 1000 Bluebucks. This limit will be monitored by the Board, and may be extended by negotiation. A member who has reached the debt ceiling will be reminded to suspend or hold off BTC purchases until their debt is reduced.

16. A member may resign from the BTC for any reason by informing the Board by way of letter or email. If the members’ account has a debt balance, it will need to be settled in Canadian Dollars within two (2) months. If the account has a credit balance, that amount must be spent or donated to another member within two (2) months of their resignation or the amount is forfeited to the BTC system. A member who is leaving the BTC trading area will need to resign in most cases and settle their account by the same procedure.

In consideration of being accepted as a member of the Bluewater Trading Community, the person checking their agreement with these terms agrees to abide by this legally binding member agreement.