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Classic Canadian crokinole boards for sale - round or octagonal

Submitted by Member 9 on September 4, 2014

Like so many other Canadians in their youth, I was introduced to the game in the early 1960s on my family’s farm near Wembley, Alberta. It was one of the many table games played during the often-long winters experienced before the days of global warming. Later as my children grew up, there were many family gatherings at which crokinole was feverishly played, with raucous enthusiasm.

Having experienced the joys and superb family fun that crokinole can bring, I decided to further the crokinole spirit by building top quality boards that would last a lifetime and foster family togetherness and friendship. Especially now, as western society is overwhelmed by the “screens” in our lives, I think a social game like crokinole brings us back to relating to each other on a personal level.

The production of each crokinole board is done with care and skill. With the variety of design elements possible, truly beautiful boards are created. All boards are built from Baltic birch plywood, pine, oak or other woods depending on the series I may be working on at the time. They are supplied with sturdy rubber-clad pins, a set of tournament quality disks, plus two spares of each colour. The disks are provided in a tin/box/container of some form for storage purposes. Rules and maintenance instructions are included.

Prices for boards start at 250 BB (plain Jane) and go  to 300 BB for round style based on a variety of options; and 300 BB to 375 BB for octagonal.

"The family that plays together, stays together"

Please go to: www.crokinolecraft.com

Expiring: September 20, 2019