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Fresh, raw, natural, unpasteurized wildflower honey in 500 g and 1 kg jars.

Submitted by Member 9 on October 7, 2014

Bernie's Bees on the Cape Road at Big Bay are excellent honey producers. In our area of North Grey, they produce a wholesome, healthy quantity of wonderful wildflower honey. They collect their nectar in what is mostly a natural environment, far removed from any serious neonicotinoid pesticide use. However ...the spring summer and fall of 2017 have not had enough "blue sky" days, so honey production is way down! There will be a limited but delicious supply at the same prices as last year.

New crop 2017 honey is now available, but in limited supply.

The honey is unpasteurised, "raw," as some would say, and only screened as it comes out of the extractor before bottling.

Pricing in federal dollars....$6 for a 375 ml (500 g) jar; $11.50 for a 750 ml (1 Kg.) jar.

Because I am a small producer with less than a dozen hives, I currently have no large bulk storage. All my honey is in smaller containers. For 500 g glass jars, 6 BB; for 1 kg glass jars 11.50 BB.

My honey is available at my home: 484157 Cape Road, Georgian Bluffs Tel: 519-534-5923. Drop-ins welcome, although better to call me or email first (bigbayrange@bmts.com). I can make deliveries if it is optimized ...meet me half-way, etc.


Expiring: September 20, 2019